RDZ Energy Ltd.

RDZ Energy Oil terminal diesel fuel Jet A1 JP



ADDRESS: 6, Duntes street office 607, Riga, LV1013, Latvia

REG. NO.: 44103026146

VAT REG.NO.: LV44103026146



ING Bank


Terminal reloading storing services

About Company


SIA Ramockas Dzirnavas have been established on 8.5.2002. In 2009 company have been restructured and new share holder Maltese company “BHC Invesment Limited” have been attracted, whose majority share holder is Galaxy Energy Group Ltd.


SIA Ramockas Dzirnavas is engaged in Latvian petroleum product whole sales and Retail sales market in Latvia. On the moment the company rents Sloka terminal with capacity of 21 400 m3 and operate one Diesel automate stations under Virši-A franchise in Riga. 


SIA Ramockas Dzirnavas have changed name to SIA RDZ Energy on 28.11.2011.